Heatec builds fired thermal fluid heaters and process heaters in outputs from 0.5 to 125 million Btu/hour. These thermal fluid heat transfer systems serve numerous industries.

Picture of Bath Heater
Indirectly heats process fluids in either gaseous or liquid states. The fluids flow through the heated coils in the heater.

Picture of Cabin Style Heater
Heatec Cabin Style Heater is used mainly in the chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum industries. The heat inside of the cabin shell is directed outward to coils in the inner walls.

Picture of Expansion Tank and Pump
Usually provided as options for various types of heaters.

Picture of HCI Helical Coil Heater
Heats thermal fluid, which in turn heats tanks, presses, dryers, reactors, chillers, extruders, steam generators and other equipment used for industrial processing.

Picture of Three-Pass Helical Coil Heater
A very high efficiency helical coil heater. Has two helical coils, a smaller coil that fits inside of a larger coil.

Picture of Vertical Down-Fired Heater
An upright helical coil heater with the burner mounted on top of the heating chamber.

Picture of Vertical Helical Coil Heater
An upright helical-coil heater popular in the chemical and petro-chemical industries.

Picture of Vertical Mixing Tank
Used in the roofing industry to heat and mix modified bitumen. Also used in the chemical industry for heating and mixing chemicals.