Plastics, Polymers and Fibers
Plastics, Polymers and Fibers             

Jennings Alberts, Inc. has been providing engineered solutions and process equipment to the Plastics, Polymers and Fibers Industry for  nearly 50 years.

Vacuum Pumps and Systems
  Extruder barrel venting
  Vacuum hold down for CNC Routing applications
  Case erector and packaging applications
  De-volatilization and stripping
Blowers and Material Handling Equipment
  Pressure and vacuum pneumatic conveying
  Resin transfer blowers - GD CycloBlower, Sutorbilt, Duroflow, Heliflow, Robuschi
  Rotary airlock feeders for resin, pellets, etc.
  Diverter valves, slide gates
  HammerTek Smart Elbows® reducing system elbow wear and streamers
Heat Transfer Equipment
  Extruder gear box and zone coolers
  Reactor jacket temperature control
  Heat exchangers for high viscosity products
  Fired heaters for central hot oil supply systems
  Plant heating/cooling and energy recovery applications
  Plate heat exchangers, shell and tube, spiral and electric heaters
Accessory Equipment
  Knock out pots and inlet filters
  Bin activators, bulk bag discharge/filling stations
  Repair Center - Factory Authorized
  On-site Planned Maintenance
  OEM parts, lubricants, filters, etc.