Pulp and Paper Industry
Pulp and Paper Industry             
Jennings Alberts, Inc. has been providing engineered solutions and process equipment to the Pulp and Paper Industry for nearly 50 years.
Heat Transfer Equipment
    Compact and high efficiency heat exchangers
    Energy recovery
    Shower and wash water temperature control
    Starch and liquor heating
    WSAC® closed circuit evaporative cooler
    Spiral heat exchangers for slurry and fouling service
Mixers and Dispersers
    In-line mixing and rapid dispersion of additives
    Condensate line conditioning
Blowers and Material Handling Equipment
    Dry material handling
    Fluidized bed aeration
    Hopper heaters
Vacuum Pumps and Blowers
    Vacuum drying
    Condenser venting
    Solvent recovery
    Material transfer, and de-aeration
Service and Accessory Equipment
  Repair Center - Factory Authorized
  On-Site Planned Maintenance
  OEM parts, lubricants, filters, etc.