Distribution and Repair
Distribution and Repair             

Jennings Alberts, Inc. has been providing high quality distribution sales, service and repair with quick turnaround times since 1986. This added to our capabilities as a manufacturer's representative for nearly 50 years. We serve all sectors of manufacturing including: Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Plastics, Refinery...

Vacuum Pumps: Busch
  R5 oil sealed, rotary vane, vacuum pumps
    Mink dry claw vacuum technology
    Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps
    Panda Vacuum Boosters
    Samos regenerative blowers
    Seco dry vane vacuum pumps
Blowers: Gardner Denver 
    Duroflow positive displacement rotary lobe
    Sutorbilt positive displacement, rotary lobe
    CycloBlower positive displacement helical screw
    Heliflow positive displacement helical tri-lobe design
    Robuschi positive displacement tri-lobe design
    IQ Blower Package - for complete solutions
Heat Exchangers: Alfa Laval 
     Gasketed plate heat exchangers
     Brazed plate heat exchangers
     Fusion bonded Alfa Nova plate heat exchangers
     Semi-welded heat exchangers

Heat Exchangers: Shell and Tube - Enerquip and Thermal Transfer

    Standard shell and tube heat exchangers
Repair, Service and Accessory Equipment
  Repair Center - Factory Authorized
  On-site Planned Maintenance
  Silencers, filters, check valves, pressure/vacuum relief valves, etc....
  OEM parts, lubricants, filters, etc.