Oil Refining/Gas Processing
Oil Refining/Gas Processing             

Jennings Alberts, Inc. is a member of HTRI and has been providing engineered solutions and process equipment to the Oil /Gas Processing Industries for over 40 years.

Heat Transfer - Process
    API 934 compliant exchangers (e.g. 2 1/2 Cr) - high pressure / high temperature H2 service
    Alkylation unit - corrosion resistant exchangers - including Karbate graphite coolers
    Crude Preheat - high efficiency designs
    Energy recovery - high efficiency technologies - Twisted Tube and Welded Plate
  FCC Catalyst (cat) coolers - new and & refurbishing service
    FCC slurry oil / bottoms coolers - reduced fouling designs
    High pressure, large diameter, heavy wall construction
    Overhead condensers - high efficiency designs
    Vertical feed / effluent exchangers ("Texas Towers") - USA fabrication
    WSAC ( wet surface air cooler ) unique condenser technology - single approach to wet bulb temp
Heat Transfer - Offsite & Utility
    Amine system exchangers - lean / rich amine interchangers
    Corrosion resistant exchangers
    Desalter effluent coolers - reduced fouling designs
    Emergency box coolers
  Flue gas coolers
    Hydro-test water heaters - Pick direct steam injection heaters
    Refinery waste water coolers - reduced fouling designs
    Stripper column condensers and reboilers - high efficiency designs
    Treated water coolers
Other Equipment
    U.L. approved strainers for spray nozzle protection for refinery service fire protection systems
    Specialty elbows for abrasive slurry and catalyst recovery systems
Vacuum Pumps and Blowers
    Catalyst conveying blowers
    Distillation - Vac Tower - liquid ring and dry screw vacuum pumps
    WWTP Aeration Blower