Jennings Alberts, Inc. has been providing engineered solutions and process equipment to the Pharmaceutical Industry for nearly 50 years. We provide expertise for many processing applications including:

Heat Exchangers
    Point of use WFI/USP coolers
    Sanitary Shell and Tube heat exchangers
    Tube­in­Tube heat exchangers
    API reactor condensers ­ 316L SS, C 276, C 22, Tantalum Plate, Spiral and Shell & Tube heat exchangers Compabloc® Hygienic and Free
  Flow condensers
    Energy recovery
    Temperature Control Modules (TCM / TCU )
Mixing, Milling and Dispersing Equipment
    Dispersion of: thickeners, stabilizers, xanthan/guar gums, flavors... In­line and batch powder dispersion: tablet coating, granulation Media prep/buffer solutions
    Wet milling of API products Preparation of creams and lotions Sanitary mixers
    Cell disruption
Vacuum Pumps and Systems
    Liquid ring, rotary vane, dry claw and dry screw pump technologies Lab, kilo­lab, pilot plant and production
    Distillation, stripping and reaction Lyophilization and freeze dryer systems Pharmaceutical packaging machines
Solid/Liquid Separation Equipment
    Engineered filtration systems
    Filters, Nutsche Filter­Dryers, and Vacuum Dryers Glass­lined process equipment
    Scraper and Pusher Centrifuges for Solid/Liquid Separation