Air Separation
Air Separation             

Jennings Alberts, Inc. has been providing engineered solutions and process equipment to the Air Separation and Gas Industries for over 40 years.

Heat Transfer Equipment
    API 934 (2 1/4 Cr) for H2 Service
    Exchangers and skids – Chinese SQL & Korean Code
    Explosion-proof convection heaters
    Exchangers with Alloy/clad construction - High Ni, Duplex SS, Titanium, Tantalum
    High temperature/ pressure economizers
    Process electric and fired heaters for TSA reactivation
Engineered Filtration
    PSA after-filters and engineered vessels
    Gas purification filter/separators and skids
Vacuum Pumps and Blowers
    Cylinder evacuation
    VSA vacuum pumps
    Product gas pumps
    Feed air blowers
Service and Accessory Equipment
  Repair Center - Factory Authorized
  On-Site Planned Maintenance
  OEM parts, lubricants, filters, etc.