Busch Samos Side Channel Blower

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Samos – for cost-effective suction and blast air.

  • Differential pressure (Vacuum): ∆p max. 2.3 – 13.1” HgV
  • Differential pressure (Pressure): ∆p max. 0.9 – 6.5 psig
  • Pumping Speed 60 Hz: 28 – 1554 ACFM
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Samos side channel regenerative blowers, available as one-stage and two-stage, are generally suitable for low overpressure and vacuum duties, and are particularly suited to applications where a pulsation-free flow is required. Units can be installed in horizontal and vertical positions. Die-cast aluminum makes this a very robustly constructed product.

Sealed-for-life bearings, a fan-cooled motor and non-contacting impeller all ensure maintenance-free operation principle.

Environmentally safe 
Oil-free compression and an internal silencer allow the Samos side channel regenerative blowers to run very quietly with low power consumption.

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