Gardner Denver IQ-HE Blower Package

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  • Airflow to 5,625 cfm
  • Pressure to 36 psig
  • Offers extended high pressure range
  • High efficiency package
  • Reduce Energy bills
  • AirSmart G2 controller
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  • Patented 3×5 helical screw rotor profile with food grade PTFE coating
  • High and low pressure options to match specific applications
  • Up to 36psi for dense conveying applications
  • Fixed speed packages with inverter duty motors
  • AirSmart G2 controller
  • Compact design with reduced dimensions
  • Patented tunable inlet filter/silencer
  • Unique noise enclosure design with sound insulation panels
  • Automatic belt tensioning and simple belt replacement
  • External oil level gauges


  • Reduced number of revolutions and energy consumption in all working conditions.
  • Low energy consumption saves up to 30% on energy bills for quick return on investment.
  • High Pressure conveying.
  • Turndown capability.
  • Suitable for intermittent use with frequent stops and restarts.
  • Noise enclosure separate from blower = no vibration transmitted to walls.
  • Ease of inspection.
  • All maintenance operations are performed from the front with removal of panels.
  • Oil changes can be performed with easily accessible fill and drain hoses.
  • Oil levels can be checked via gauges with or without blower running.
  • Minimized downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

Side-by-Side package installation capability.

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