Gardner Denver Sutorbilt Legend DSL Blowers and Gas Pumps

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  • Pressure to 15 psig
  • Vacuum to 16 inHg
  • Flows up to 950 cfm
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  • Dual splash lubrication for longer product life
  • Heavy-duty reinforced cast iron cylinder
  • Integral ribs for improved heat dissipation and performance
  • Installation flexibility with universal feet
  • Improved timing with grip rings for secure, mechanical shrink fit
  • Sump capacity is increased as much as 30% on drive end and 62% on gear end over competition
  • High temperature Viton oil seals
  • Refined timing and locking device incorporates frictional keyless shaft gear locking rings
  • Spherical roller bearing on drive shaft (4-6″ gear diameters only)
  • DSL design accommodates a mechanical gas seal option for critical gas applications


  • Engineered lubrication channels ensure ample lubrication reaches critical components
  • Increased blower life
  • Improved performance and efficiency
  • Greater overhung load capacity
  • Drop-in replacement for original Legend products
  • Operating temperatures which can be up to 15° F cooler compared to leading competitive brands
  • Greater durability with an increased capacity for overhung load by as much as 30%
  • Unmatched strength and rigidity from increased mass, which can be up to 37% more than leading competitive brands

Universal mounting feet allows for easy field conversion

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