Quadro Ytron Jet Mixer

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The Quadro Ytron® low shear mixer is highly efficient for in-tank liquid blending, solids suspension and dissolving applications.

  • Available in five models: Y0, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5
  • Liquid Batch Size: 5 – 60,000 gal (10 – 228,000 liters)
  • Powder Incorporation Rate: Optional feature, and dependent on product/application
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Quadro Ytron Jet Mixer unique low shear tank mixer changes the traditional in-tank flow pattern to provide more efficient mixing and blending of liquids and suspended solids. The Y-Jet mixing pattern does not create a radial flow pattern or liquid vortex and does not require difficult-to-clean tank baffles, which means that air entrainment is virtually eliminated.


  • Unique rotor-stator tooling for powerful axial flow
  • Innovative bypass tube for powder dispersion directly into the shear zone to minimize agglomerate formation
  • Stainless steel contact components for broad compatibility
  • Optional variable speed drive for best process optimization

Seal options include V-ring, double Varilip™, single and double mechanical seals

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