Quadro Z Emulsifier

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Inline Shear Mixer for emulsifying, wet milling or grinding, suspension deagglomeration, texturizing and fine particle dispersion.

  • Available in four models: Z0, Z1, Z3, Z5
  • Power hp: 3 – 60 (2.2 – 45kW)
  • Liquid Capacity: 15 – 300 gpm (60 – 1150 l/min)
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Quadro Z Emulsifier high speed inline mixer utilizes up to three stages of sequential rotor-stator mixer tooling. This tooling operates at high differential velocities with numerous shear zones to mix and mill the product as it flows through the mixer. This ensures that no product passes through the machine without receiving the targeted shearing action. The Z Emulsifier achieves repeatable product quality at production efficiencies/outputs exceeding those of conventional high shear mixers such as in-tank rotor-stator mixers, colloid mills and shear pumps.


  • Sanitary design with clamped housings for easy cleaning and optional CIP executions
  • All stainless-steel construction on wetted processing parts
  • Single and double mechanical seal options provide for high-temperature, high-pressure performance
  • Optional variable speed control for maximum process flexibility
  • Multiple tooling configurations available for process optimization
  • Standard stainless-steel base with locking casters well suited to sanitary processing or to wash down duty environments

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